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26 APRIL - 13 MAY 2011


The heaviness of something + other cartographic lines
Maro Alwan & Todd Robinson

This exhibition examines the notion of the border as a point of separation. A point of calibrated equilibrium represented as a border or demarcation line is both abstract and meaningless, yet at the same time a profoundly lived reality impacting on those it means to organise and separate. The problem remains for us: how to determine this border in our own terms?

Borders tend to be imposed, rationalised as a necessity, often determined arbitrarily ‘drawing a line in the sand’. They can exist on an individual or collective level. What gives the border its sometimes terrifying and silencing ability to divide is its ability to confuse or totally obscure the view from the other side. But what about the view if we take up a position on the border itself? This collaboration takes this as its vantage point. We seek to inhabit the border, take it apart and put it back together; to see it differently to disavow the border as a line of separation.

Todd Robinson approaches the border via a technics of suspense, orchestrating a material performance, which employs everyday artefacts of containment, transport, communication and play. This strategy explores the nature of making as a set of technical experiments which inhabit a line of separation; unifying two opposing forces or elements lightness and weight, ground and air, open and closed, empty and full.

Maro Alwan reflects on the physical borders themselves, in as much as they are represented in maps. Posing the question: what is a border when it no longer separates anything? Coastlines without shores; roads without destinations; borders without countries. All these are presented as if viewing the border itself, and in doing so removing the line of separation so that identity is not altogether effaced but has to be renegotiated.

In this project we have been attentive to a tension that runs through these lines and actively utilize this tension to chart an alternative series of lines. These lines traverse a space that recognizes a vulnerability inherent when one is positioned on the other side.


Holly Willams

Dissolution as a sound coming through the floor delves into the sounds of a building. In this installation in the project space, the sounds emanating from behind closed doors (of relentless economic activity) merge with the delicate sounds of leisure time and folly.