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15 MARCH - 1 APRIL 2011


Galactic Adventures
Alex Gereg

Gereg's work is about exploring different aspects of painting, he uses process techniques like screen printing and stencilling. Over the years he has explored different  surfaces  like plastics, vacuum forming, cardboard, wood and found objects.

His  earlier works were about creating installations and creating environments, when the viewer walks into a room they feel like they are in another dimension, he likes to create an environment setting like your entering another galaxy. Form, shape, colour and scale are important in creating these environments... to make the walls come alive.

His recent work is about painting and murals, the themes he works with are influenced by, popular culture, comics, street art, retro sci fi movies, architecture and movements like futurism, minimalism, pop art, 60s and 70s design,  art deco,  and  the figure. 


The Box of Broken Dreams
Elizabeth Reidy

Act One

Curtain raiser, comedy, entertainment, farce, flop, smash hit, performance,stage one, theatrical tragedy,potboiler, stage show, musical, turkey.

Plato wrote many long winded books full of socratic wit and irony. So ironic that at times sometime you can not even tell he is being ironic. I had a philosophy teacher who told our class that Plato/Socrates were ironic and ever since i have read them both through that lens. Ideals and reals are often decided by the lens upon which you read them through. Like that old guy in return of the Jedi says, many of the truths we cling to depend very much on a certain point of view. Ideals, reals. Same same, but different? I always wanted to be a ballerina. I went to ballet and learnt. I loved it. I still love it. Degas loved it. It is ideal beauty. The Ballerina. Spinning perfection encased in a jewellery box of ideals. I like to think i am half ideal. Sitting half way between the dream and the actuality living a little bit of each at the same time. Same same, but different.