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22 FEBRUARY - 11 MARCH 2011


Struggle Area
Craig Bender

Struggle Area is a series of new work fusing the melancholic idyll of the Australian bush with the anguish and anxieties of a brutal murder spree. In an arcadian forest in the NSW Southern Highlands there lays hidden away the past haunt and dumping ground of a serial killer. In considering the difference in what can be seen and what is there, Struggle Area contemplates the realities of Australia’s psychogeographical ‘Badlands.


Discrete Violations
Lynne Furgang

Discrete  Violations:  Statement

“I would defend a polemic for a kind of uncertainty.’ (William Kentridge 1999)

The microscope takes us inside things; the telescope takes us outside into space. But we need to know what ‘frame’ we are looking through to understand the image we see. Even when we look through our unadorned eyes we use a frame of certainty, assumption, culture, subjectivity - which tells us what we are seeing. 

This applies to our perception of all phenomena ranging from the ultimate horror to the most insignificant banality.

Yet if we look long enough looking can reveal surprising images: hidden depths in the object, a doorway beyond the obvious, the manifest, the mask. Looking long enough can therefore give us new images of the object. I see it as I never have before . . . 

Looking can also change the subject, the very eyes of the beholder: images feed back into our notions of reality and speak to our learned concepts. Looking can change our thinking, our mind. I see now...

Looking can also make us lose our bearings and enter an unrecognisable, unstable world which can no longer be contained by thought. Looking can show us images, and ideas, that have no form known to the subject. The more we look to less we know. 

Text by Sylvia Huntington 

“The universe of knowledge has lots of black holes. situations that occur in the gaps between mundane knowledge” (Vik Muniz 1998)

When you look too hard your eyes start seeing things
Big looks small
Good guys turn bad
The bad go soft
Soft turns to stone
The stones become people
People turn to dust
The dust becomes ghosts
The ghosts are strange
The strange become scared
And the scared turn ugly

Text by  Lynne Furgang