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10 AUGUST - 27 AUGUST 2010


Charge To Slow
Julie Fragar & Fiona Lowry

Deep in the belly of the Tokyo Metro Mr. Lu gives her an early early morning lesson in Japanese. It’s too much. She aches. Bye Bye he said. Sayonara Mr. Lu.

Never had a lesson I ever learned
I know I could never learn not to love you
Come in now closer
Come in closer closer closer ahhhh
Cease to resist, come on say you love me
Give up your world, come on and be with me
I'm your kind, I'm your kind, and I see

She was living, in short, on the edge of a landscape of vast shame.
A vegetable patch on a railway line: insistent.

Between two thousand houses, in the time it took the express to pass, she saw a black van with national flags and loud speakers.

I'm your night prowler, break down your door
I'm your night prowler, crawling 'cross your floor
I'm your night prowler, make a mess of you, yes I will
Night prowler, and I am telling this to you
There ain’t nothing you can do
Where are all the entrepreneurs in China?

She saw him behind sunglasses. He was wearing the sneakers she wanted her boyfriend to buy. But the goatee undid all the hard work. The toil of his presentation made crappy by the self-consciousness of a patch of hair on the underside of his chin. Idiot.

Come on come on, ooo I love you pretty girl
My life is yours, and you can have my world
I'm your kind, I'm your kind, and I see

These are evil minded people, and like dogs with rabies there is only one way -
they have to be put down and destroyed.

When she said the last thing she wanted was contact with the art world she understood what she meant. But you can’t just go around killing everybody.

Image above: Julie Fragar & Fiona Lowry