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8 JUNE - 25 JUNE 2010


Penelope Cain, Damian Dillon, Alex Gereg, Xavier Modoux, Sean O'Connell

What the Fringe Festival is to Edinburgh, and Liste is to Basel, SafARI will be to Sydney during the first few weeks of the 2010 Biennale of Sydney. SafARI will exhibit works by emerging and unrepresented Australian artists across six ARIs (artist-run initiatives), five in Sydney and one in ‘the gong’, from 3 25 June 2010. SafARI will include works in diverse media including sound, photography, jewellery, ceramics and painting.

The timing of SafARI capitalises on the national and international focus on the visual arts in Sydney during the BoS in order to provide opportunities to the artists, arts-workers and arts-spaces involved. While SafARI unabashedly seeks to ride the Biennale slipstream (there is no official or authorised linkage), it provides something in return. SafARI brings focus to Sydney’s ARIs and the vital, formative and experimental role they play in Sydney’s visual arts scene.

In an inversion of the usual dynamic between capital and regional cities, the Wollongong ARI Project Contemporary Art Space will present work by all SafARI artists at a single venue. The five Sydney ARIs involved - China Heights, Gallery fourtyfour, ‘medium, rare’, MOP Projects and Pelt - will each showcase work by 3 to 6 of the artists. The Sydney ARIs are all within walking distance of each other, and the curators will lead a tour of these galleries on Sunday 18 June, from 12-4pm.

Other events associated with SafARI include a talk by Mike Parr, co-founder of ARI’s Inhibodress and Yellow House in 1970, artists’ talks, and opening and closing parties.

Image above: Alex Gereg

Alex Gereg

Alex Gereg, Xavier Modoux

Damian Dillon

Penelope Cain

Damian Dillon, Xavier Modoux