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To Re-Establish Something of a Bond
Nana Ohnesorge, Mitch Cains

MOP Projects opens 2010 with a refreshing show of painting and sculpture from National Art School Honours candidates Nana Ohnesorge and Mitch Cairns. Both artists won major prizes at their graduating exhibition in November 2005. Ohnesorge received a studio residency in Paris with assistance from the Reg Richardson Fund, while Cairns received the Clitheroe Foundation painting scholarship.

Nana Ohnesorge paints with respect to her former medium of collage. Her work is constructed in layers of perceived ideas of her former homeland of Germany from both a personal, and art historical perspective. Elements of her own life experience are built into paintings that also appropriate features of German Romanticism, Social Realism and Pop Art.

Mitch Cairns’ paintings explore the world of fiction. Coupling well known Australian stories, Cairns forms new histories to explore a wider sense of national identity. Cairns’ paintings aim to prompt a re-examination of Australian folklore.

Image above: Nana Ohnesorge

Janet Hearne

This work sets out to explore a duality of visual experience through the combination of projection, sculptural installation and the interaction between these two mediums within a narrative image. In intercepting the light source, the viewer becomes implicated in the dichotomous nature of the work obscuring the projected image in order to reveal the underlying construction and drawing beneath. The construction acts as, both a manipulation of the perspective's inherent within the overall image of the derailed train and a device that shatters its uniformity. In fragmenting the image and the consequential framing of certain details the legibility of the whole becomes compromised- its ability to function as a narrative image lessening in direct proportion to the growing complexity of the construction. The work experiments with the balance between the figurative image, and the point at which the base structure disturbs the cohesiveness of the image, to the extent that it breaks down entirely.

Image above: Janet Hearne

"Wrong House"
Mitch Cains

"Wrong House"
Mitch Cains

"Ivan's accolades include..." & "Back home with Mother"
Mitch Cains

"Old Alliances/New Alliances" & "On the back of a truck right thru town"
Mitch Cains

"Old Alliance/New Alliances (detail)
Mitch Cains