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Nikki Smith


Psychedelic Warlords (disappear in smoke)
Alex Lawler

Alex Lawler
This project builds on my involvement with the Psychedelic and aims to create a dialogue between the structures of canvas supports in painting, with the technical supports for the pop psychedelia of rock music. The work aims to re-orientate the imagery featured on LP covers as well as logistical equipment like speaker boxes, into the academic and aesthetic language of the gallery. The exercise is transgressive for both genres and alchemic in nature.

This work also aims to question the parallels between the visual artist (art-star’) and the musician (rock-star’). Despite the differing natures of production, an examination of the outcomes of artistic production, records in all senses, over the span of an artists’ career is open to all.

Also, the pacification and objectification of active subject inherent in exhibition or performance is inverted in this project. Those occupying space in front of the installation, are brought into the imaginary world of pop archetypes. The viewer placed in front of this work is faced with speakers oscillating with rhythm and a grounded fold-back speaker objects always levelled at the performer themselves. Thus the roles of performer and spectator are inversed.

Image above: Alex Lawler


Playing to the posters on my bedroom
Erica van Zon, Kristin Perrett

Erica and Kristin have been working towards this show since the beginning of the year. It’s been a long distance collaboration (between Melbourne and London), but the girls’ shared theme gives the show coherence despite the miles. With Erica and Kristin, it’s all about rock ‘n’ roll. Their work explores their experience of rock ’n’ roll culture from obsessing about rock stars as teenagers, to exploring the look of a music scene.

Erica pays homage to the all time greats she grew up listening to as a teenager from 60s proto rock ’n’ rollers to early 90s giants like Smashing Pumpkins and Nirvana. In the same way that she would have scribbled their names on her schoolbooks, she now creates embroidered effigies of their signature guitars.

Kristin’s drawings are sketches from photos taken at gigs and clubs in London over the last 12 months. The illustrations show moments captured - drunken chats in the girls’ toilets, crowds going wild for their favourite bands. Taken on their own, each drawing shows individuals with their own particular style. Taken together, the pictures are a crowd of London rock ‘n’ roll scenesters with an obvious common look and character.

Kristin and Erica met at Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand. Their last exhibition ‘Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’ was exhibited in New Zealand and Australia.

Image above: Kristin Perrett

Alex Lawler

Alex Lawler

Nikki Smith

Erica van Zon