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Image above: Tilman

Anthony Farrell, Alistair McRae

Alastair McRae
The mapping project has been developed over the past two years, through a collaborative methodology between the artist and a machine that has been specifically built. The conceptual content of the work is produced through a wide range of varying formats eg. painting, video, photography, installation, performance and sculpture.

The process of using the machine is to produce work that has a duality, these being:

1. A concise, specific purpose that is to construct compositions through the use of the machine.
2. A random reaction that survives within this purpose.

The compositions produced then become maps of the process. The collaboration that takes place is between the artist who makes the machine, the user of the machine and the way this machine functions and constructs these maps. Depending on the varying formats being exhibited; the connotations can shift from installation to installation. This enables the work to continually shift and regenerate itself.

This project and its subsequent methodology is aimed at producing constructions that deal with the duality of total control and random chance. Therefore many different readings of the work are produced through different visual outcomes.
Alastair McRae 2005

Anthony Farrell
The procedure of applying paint to a surface is an imperative theme within the working methodology of the paintings, the notion that work produced is entirely free of any basis in observed reality with no symbolic implications and are not about pure emotion or faciality, but are constructed and engaged upon historical formal models of painting practice. Dealing with non-objective concerns and the central issues that are inherent within painting practice, my work develops the idea of the painting only being about the field within the frame reflecting upon a reductive act of painting.
Anthony Farrell 2005

Image above: Alistair McRae



Anthony Farrell