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12 MAY - 29 MAY 2005

Shirley Diamond

WAIT brings together drawing and photography as divergent measures of time.

'Drawing always seems to register the endless repetition of remaking'
Avis Newman ? The Stage of Drawing

The drawings, all within the 'Littoral Series', are either of one colour spanning across a number of panels or on closer inspection compressed and layered tones within a uniform square. Their simple overall structure belies a complex internal texture. They are made up by innumerable marks that tell vividly of the time and history of their actual construction. They are like huge empty spaces while simultaneously stand as unknown or unrecognised details. Each series could be a section or fragment of a larger sequence or expanse.

Drawing is of its own scale as opposed to the miniaturisation effect of the 'paper phantom' that is photography, as described by Susan Sontag. Photographs shown within WAIT appear in groups of similar or identical subject, or in related collections, trying to locate a place or a time. Usually unpeopled these empty spaces are biding their time, sometimes with a palpable expectation. Others are casual pauses between unspecified events that conjure a vacillation between fractional detail and notional totality.

These fragments I have shored against my ruins.
T.S. Eliot ? The Wasteland

Image above: Shirley Diamond

Big Boys Blues
Todd McMillan

Image above: Todd McMillan, Portrait of an 18th century art-star