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17 FEBRUARY - 6 MARCH 2005

Dress Code
Curated by
Daniel Mudie Cunningham
Ron Adams, Arlene Textaqueen, The Kingpins, George Tillianakis, Liam Benson

Queer was reinvented in the 1990s as an identity category hell-bent on redefining transgression, subversion, playfulness and pleasure. Lately, queer is just another reality television concept subsumed by metrosexuality - a concept riddled with straight anxieties about claiming a corner on queer style, as if queer is inherently about style and nothing else. Dress Code proposes to challenge and investigate current attitudes to queer politics and aesthetics, paying close attention to its ongoing relationship with concepts of style, fashion, dress and drag. Featuring new multimedia work by Australian artists Ron Adams, Liam Benson, The Kingpins, Arlene TextaQueen, and George Tillianakis, Dress Code asks if queer needs a dose of its own makeover medicine.

Sudden Incrementals
Naomi Evans

Sudden and Incrementals, a project by Naomi Evans, explores the operation of relative speed in process-based arts, and mines the still kicking traditions of minimalism and craft. Shattered panes of laminated glass record the instance of impact and velocity - a way of drawing within materials rather than on a two-dimensional surface. Other works are constructed by formulaic accumulations of sticky-tape on new and recycled plastic bags. The resulting Op-art effects, in sharp or hazy focus, are contingent on the over-all precision of actions by the hand in the adherence to, or mimicry of, an imagined end result.

The corner-store variety materials, however, force the how of the work to one side. Evans foregrounds the inherent properties of each material, and the capacity of light to reflect and/or penetrate them. Plastic bags provide both a ready-made pallete and textural ground (random creases and machine-fold grids) for the ironically named invisible tapes to play off concepts of surface and depth. Pinned to the wall, these flimsy structures become part-specimen, part-punctuations of the surrounding project space.

Fela Occam
January, 2005

Image above: Naomi Evans

The Kingpins

Liam Benson

Ron Adams

Naomi Evans