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LA Driveby
The Glazed Gaze
Raid Project Rooms
Susan Logerici, Mattew Driggs, Saskia Wilson-Brown, John Geary, Max Presneill, Richard Ankrom

The theme is based around different ways of talking about the gaze in particular to the LA environment.

Geary explores the relationship of human to animal relationships via the gaze of proto-human-like stares of the great apes, reflecting ourselves and what constitutes humanity.

Wilson-Brown says with a little bit of money and a talented production team, I can be anybody or anything I want. And with the right luck and the right personal connections, I can go one step further and convince the world that I really am what I pretend to be!

Driggs takes a familiar sculpture (the statue of David by Michelangelo) and gives it a belly. All our ideas of perfection and its attainment are mocked and the striving of LA and our self-consciousness about our physicality are redrawn.

Presneill uses a DVD of a set of individuals watching a porn movie to examine the subtleties of desire, self awareness/consciousness and voyeurism.

Ankrom's DVD deals with the car culture and the navigational gaze, as part of a necessary daily struggle in the sprawling metropolis of LA.

Image above: Saskia Wilson-Brown

Social Body
Mathieu Gallois

The Social Body? will appropriate the schematics of 'safety on board' information leaflets found in the seat pockets of commercial passenger aircraft. Drawing upon the generic persona of the cartoon flight hostess who demonstrates safety procedures, the work will create a social context in which all characters are the same cloned flight hostess. From this base, the work will generate an elaborate, digitally animated, in-flight scenario in which all the cloned hostesses face a life-threatening emergency situation as the plane crashes into the sea.

Image above: Mathieu Gallois

Mathieu Gallois

Mathieu Gallois