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Towards a Painting that thinks
Simon Ingram

"The works in this show engage painting as a machine. A machine of the sort that ordinarily does nothing except engage in self production.
Ingram dramatises this self-production in order to stimulate painting's sentience and draw attention to art's 'autopoietical program. Various industrial elements and computational systems become incorporated or meshed in with painting's materiality in order to draw attention to painting's thinking."
Simon Margin, September 2004

"One of the foremost concerns of Ingram's painting practice is to produce paintings that run according to a set of predetermined instructions; paintings that make themselves. It could be said that art always operates according to implicit givens and recognised limitations. What characterises Ingram's work however, and the work of various like-minded modern and postmodern practitioners, is the way frictional dialectics between the iterative or calculated, and the unpredictable or affectively charged, are formally addressed as core business."
Allan Smith, June 2004

"Matter Thinks."
Vladimir Lenin

"Lay bare the device."
Viktor Shklovsky

"Machines take me by surprise with great frequency."
Alan Turing

The accompanying 40 page publication Towards a Painting That Thinks by Toby Curnow, Allan Smith and Simon Ingram will be launched on the evening

Image above: Simon Ingram

Anton Marin

Image above: Anton Marin

Simon Ingram

Anton Marin

Anton Marin