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Abstract Realities
Curated by
Kyle Jenkins
David Akenson, Justin Andrews, Jacqui Brooks, Vicente Butron, Anthony Farrell, Daniel Gottin, Kyle Jenkins, Elke Johanssoi, Madeline King, Naomi Leadbeatter, Simon Morris, Victoria Munro, Mike Nolan, Salvatore Panatteri, Amy Smith

The aim of this show is to demonstrate how individual's from varying locations construct work using abstraction as a starting point. All artists involved in the show have developed over the years the notion that abstraction is a viable reality. The artist's methodologies are an ongoing investigation into how we perceive and construct our individual environments.

Crumpled Date Paintings
Rob McHaffie

I lurve nudes. This small painting took quite a while so gave me ample time to ponder over the glory of the nude. The nude is not crude, rude or lewd, dude! You're a bit of dag if you paint nudes these days. David Bromley offers nudes of Kate Fischer with matching couches. John Currin paints nudes that are bursting at the seems with loveable curves of sensuality. Skeletons in squeezable sacks of skin. Landscape + still life + nude = 1 John Young painting. He's still giving the nude a burl. The crumpled date painting reminds me of Cameron Atkins, who when in grade five stole from me my first nudie mag I found early one morn on the school oval. I never walked to school again with that boy. So insensitive to my need for the nude. I'm not sure about the other paintings in this show.
Rob McHaffie

Image above: Rob McHaffie

Rob McHaffie

Rob McHaffie