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18 AUGUST - 29 AUGUST 2004

Out of the Blue
Curated by
George + Ron Adams
Nell, Koji Ryui, Tim Silver, David Griggs, Elizabeth Pulie, Camilla Cassidy, Simon Devir, Gemma Smith, Anna Peters

Funny how history works and doesn’t work. In fact it’s amazing how only the names and dates change but not much else...short memories...a plane comes out of the blue crashes in to a city and changes history once more and forever, again, causing wars we do not need...with television coverage of 9/11, live, as it happened and programs like Big Brother, so immediate and spontaneous, our lives can truly change, in an instant...Out of the Blue.

With its element of surprise and diversity Out of the Blue has triggered off whatever emotion was needed to fulfil desire and vision, belief or disbelief...artists as their own theme, for as always that's of no interest to history at all.

Image above: David Griggs

Koji Ryui

Anna Peters

Tim Silver, Gemma Smith

Nell, Elizabeth Pulie

Elizabeth Pulie