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25 FEBRUARY - 7 MARCH 2004

Release the bats
Shane Haseman, Michelle Hanlin, Lauren Dyt

Barbarism Begins at Home. (Release the Bats)
unruly boys
who will not grow up
must be taken in hand
unruly girls
who will not settle down
they must be taken in hand
a crack on the head
is what you get for not asking
and a crack on the head
is what you get for asking.

Image above: Michelle Hanlin

Great Phone Calls
Geoff Newton

Call your parents, tell them you love them, ask for money,
Call your girl, go get loaded,
Call work, tell them you're sick,
Call the gallery, you can't make it, say there's a fire.
Say something.
9 New paintings.
Call someone.

Image above: Geoff Newton

Michelle Hanlin

Lauren Dyt

Lauren Dyt

Shane Haseman

Shane Haseman

Geoff Newton